Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hill air force base

it feels like i took a ten second break from blogging...and all of a sudden it's been almost a month since i've posted?! 

summer is zipping by.

a few weeks ago we went up to idaho for our george family reunion! the visit itself was short and sweet (saturday to monday) but we packed a lot of activities into one short weekend. 

before heading up to good ole' rigby & rexburg, we stopped by layton to visit danny's family. while eating dinner friday night, we mentioned that we wanted to take the kids to the HAFB museum. we invited danny's dad (who happens to be a pilot!) to which he replied, "i've been waiting my whole life for someone to invite me to go with them!" (he's lived 15 minutes away from that museum for years and he's never been!) so we were thrilled to have papa frank & graunna debbie join us!

// this little girl and her rocks! she is a collector, that's for sure. //


we had a great time and even learned a few things while we were at it ;) after a quick lunch, our little family hit the road. the kids were thrilled about the drive!

we made it to rexburg in time for the farewell dinner (two of my cousins left on missions at the same time!) and that night i went with a bunch of my family to see my cousin spencer in "deadwood dick" at the old romance theater. spencer was one of the main characters so that was fun. (the 3+ hour performance...could have been a tiny bit shorter though :) danny was a trooper and kept the kids entertained so i could go. max found his favorite costume ever (a pilot!) so i don't think he was sad about missing the play!

and the rest of our trip consisted of lots of good food (my uncle lyle makes the BEST chicken. ever!) farewell talks, games, and quality family time. i think i have one of the best families around!

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