Tuesday, October 15, 2013

football season: the amateurs & the pros

football season is in full swing! unfortunately, i'm not a huge football fan...but i think it's fun to attend a game or two during the season. thanks to some sweet hook-ups, we've met my quota of two games and they have both been free!! can't beat that!

first up: juab high!! nothing like good, small-town high school football games! it actually is fun when we know half of the players (and at least two are in our ward!) we sat by chris & nell and ate wayyyyyyy too much sugar:

we also got to see the coug's play (even though it was freezing!!!!!!) our football buddies came with us (chris & lynelle) and we had a great time. is it bad to admit that i mostly went for the free food?! oh, and to be with my hubby :)

// a very blurry picture of some of our favorite people! one of these days we'll get a good one! //

i had to walk around during half-time (i may have eaten a little too much!) but we unintentionally found ourselves greeting the boys back on the field. it was fun to be amidst all of the college kids...made us feel "young" again! haha.

now that i've got two football games under my belt, i am good to go until next year! :)

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