Tuesday, October 15, 2013

flying kites & baseballs

you know that primary song, "it's always fun when grandpa comes"?? well, it really is true! (and grandma too, of course!) the kids love their grandparents and when we heard that papa frank & graunna debbie were coming down to nephi we were all incredibly excited.

since it happened to be a windy day, and oddly enough we only fly kites when they come down, max couldn't wait to try out the dragon kite that he got from uncle tim at the dentist. it is HUGE and was a dream come true for max. 

max also showed off his soccer and baseball skills and took advantage of having grandpa there to pitch to him (he is one lucky boy!) avery whipped out her strawberry shortcake bat and joined in on the fun too. 

they also got some quality snuggle time with papa while reading max's new birthday book from them, curious george!

thanks again for making the trek down (and for helping us can so much salsa!!) we love you both!

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