Tuesday, October 15, 2013

happy, happy birthday maxwell scott!

we have a FOUR year old!!!!!

my mind is blown.

wasn't it just yesterday that we were holding this little guy?!?!?


(sidenote: i'm soooooo excited to have a newborn!!!)

well, like it or not, maxwell scott has turned FOUR. and my goodness, i have no idea what we would ever do without him!

we celebrated a few days early with grandma debbie & papa frank when they came down and they brought max a gift to top all other gifts: 

his very first pair of soccer cleats!!

he is in love. (to say the least!)

they also both got new weber state soccer shirts (which came in handy this past weekend when we went to boise to watch uncle aaron play!) and max got shin guards to go along with his cleats. 

on his actual birthday we started out the day with a birthday breakfast of pancakes, bacon & hashbrowns. the kids sat at the special "birthday table" and they each got a new rubber duck (a fun little tradition started at ave's last birthday).

that night we were up in provo since danny has night class at byu. we had the birthday boy's dinner request: twice baked potatoes, swiss steak, and salad (yumm!) and when dad got back from class we opened presents and had his "yo-ho brownie cake" (aka jake and the neverland pirates) that he has been asking about for months. (i was incredibly happy with how it turned out...and i think max was too!)

we didn't have time to wrap his presents but from us he got some new church clothes (complete with suspenders!) and two sets of legos (which he loves!) and my parents got him a box full of hats (fireman, pirate, king, etc...) and a watercolor book (which he also loves!)

he went to work building his legos the next day & couldn't have been more pleased. i foresee a lot of legos in our future...

max, you are a fireball! full of so much energy & passion for life. you love avery mae with all of your heart. you are incredibly smart and can do puzzles in record time. you've discovered a new love for legos. you would eat ramen noodles every day if i let you...but i love you too much :) you get the biggest smile on your face when you are running and/or playing soccer (or any sport for that matter!) you love to read. you can write your name! you love preschool. you are convinced that if the baby is a girl her name will be penny, and if it's a boy he'll be aaron. you say the sweetest prayers. you love primary. 

you are just an all-around awesome guy and we feel so blessed to have you in our family!

happy FOURTH birthday!!


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