Tuesday, October 15, 2013

preschool pals: the beginning

max started preschool at the beginning of september and though he was a little apprehensive at first, he loves it now! (ave and i enjoy a little girl time too!) there are eight kids in his group and we each take a two-week rotation (teaching twice each week). i think it's perfect. it's also great on the wallet, which is a huge bonus. max is the youngest (he's the only one that won't go to kindergarten next year) but i think it's been very beneficial for him. we are excited for all that is in store!!

one of the first weeks, we all took a field trip up the canyon to check out the changing leaves and have a picnic with all of the moms & siblings. it was beautiful!! we even got to walk through the "100 acre woods" complete with pooh bear & a real live tigger!

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  1. looks like you and I have the same project going on right now :)