Tuesday, October 15, 2013

preschool pals: week one

i've never participated in a co-op preschool before, but after talking to the other moms, spending way too much time online, making a trip to the provo library, and going through my mom's files, i felt ready to take on my first rotation!

our focus for the week was the letter "C" and the first day we talked about all things clouds!!

we started out by making small fry's cloud guide and talking about a few different types of clouds. i think it mostly went over their heads, but they loved gluing those cotton balls onto the paper!

// the set-up before the kids arrived! our fireplace finally came in handy :) //

after "circle time" (we recite the pledge, ABC's, sing the "Days of the Week" song, talk about their names, the weather, calendar, etc...) we went outside to play with cloud dough! thankfully, it was a beautiful day (it would have been disastrous indoors with that many kids!) and the kids went to town! they loved it. 

after free play, story time, a snack of goldfish crackers, and cleaning up, we finished off the day by making our very own clouds in a cup. i didn't try this beforehand, and i think i put a little too much shaving cream in each cup (the food coloring dried out before "raining" in the water...) but we improvised and i think that pleased everyone. it was another slightly messy activity (especially for the kids who wanted to play in the shaving cream...) but that's what makes learning fun, right?!?

i'd say it was a successful first day! (minus the part that it's incredibly hard to share your own toys when there are seven other kids at your house...both max and avery had their moments!)

day two we talked all about colors. when the kids first arrived they could play with the colorful marble track (that i borrowed from my mom!)

and we also put together a folder game all about colors (it was incredibly cute. found here!) some of the kids are more experienced at cutting than others...let's just say that all of the paper dolls max has cut out has paid off!! ;)

since max's birthday was the following day, we had a little celebration for snack time! dino cupcakes and capri suns:

and lastly, we ended with an activity that ended up being somewhat of a flop (next time i'll try out all of the activities beforehand...) i wanted to emphasize colors, and how cool it is to mix them and found this cute printable about brown bear, brown bear. the stamps i borrowed didn't quite work out though (it looked more like a blob than a letter...) but oh well!

whew!! and that was the end of our first week. 
(ps. i was exhausted!!!!)

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