Tuesday, October 15, 2013

preschool pals: week two

week two started out a little rocky (avery was sicker than a dog on sunday so we postponed preschool until wednesday/friday) but we managed to pull it off and learn all about the letter "D"!

wednesday's topic was dinosaurs!! i found this simple worksheet to practice writing the letter "d" which is what they did when they first arrived:

for a "hands-on" activity (which is clearly, what i'm all about! i just love messes ;) we made our very own fossils. again, this was really cool in theory. there are a few things i would have done differently (like have them make/roll out their fossils on a piece of parchment paper...) but they had a lot of fun with this. we also practiced saying "paleontologist" and talked a little about what they do. (krista, i kept wishing finn was there to help me out! he would have been the perfect helper!) they weren't done baking before they went home, but we sent them home on friday.

for snacks we had dinosaur pb&j's:

and on friday, our last day of preschool (until february...hallelujah! ;) we talked all about dogs. highlights included: making paper bag dog puppets (some of the kids spent so much time coloring those cute little things!), having spencer bring the sound box and read two stories to the class, and seeing cute keely feed her paper dog the dinosaur fossils she made earlier in the week.

though i was incredibly burnt-out and so, so tired (pregnancy & nine kids will do that to ya!)...we really did have a wonderful time! i know there is no way i could teach preschool full-time, but for two weeks? it's just about perfect.

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