Monday, December 09, 2013

family date night at "the wall"

my little brother is awesome at the guitar. like, seriously good.

and a few weeks ago he was able to play in solo night at "the wall."
(have you been? it's in the wilk on byu campus).

the kids were clearly enamored by cosmo (max especially!):

and brian did an amazing job! it was kind of a bummer that he performed very first (when there weren't many people there yet...) but i'm so glad that we were able to go and cheer him on!

// it was late, and the kids were slightly zoned out... //

but max perked up when i told him he could draw on the giant chalkboard wall and he whipped out one of the cutest little people ever to grace that wall (i'm sure). it was the first time he's ever added any type of hair to his people! #myheart!

so glad we live (somewhat) close enough to come to family events like this.

we love you bri!!

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