Monday, December 09, 2013

i heart family history. (in case you didn't know!)

a few months ago i was asked to teach at one of our relief society activities about getting started on family history.

of course i said yes! 

and of course the night i presented happened to be about three days after our flood!

but aside from that, i think it went pretty well. i wanted to liven things up (since the topic of family history work usually sends people running in the opposite direction!) so i created an online matching game and we went around to all of the ladies who tried to make a match. 

if they got it right, there was either a short video clip to watch or i had a little something to say on the topic. i threw out chocolate whenever someone got a match as an extra incentive :)

i wanted to touch on common misconceptions/excuses of family history and offer an alternative approach. here are the topics i came up with:

+ everything has already been "done"
+ i have no idea where to start!
+ i just don't have time
+ my relative is already working on it
+ research resources
+ tips & tricks
+ 52 questions

it went a little longer than i had expected because:
a) i have so much to say on this topic!!
and b) it took them a little while to find matches :)
but besides that, i'm really happy with how it turned out.

i haven't ever taught that many people about family history since my weekly sunday class usually brings in a total of about three people (!!!) but i think/hope that i was able to touch their hearts and help them realize that it's really not as hard as many people make it seem.

thanks to my mom, i was able to come up with a pretty darn cute display (if i do say so myself!)

if you'd like to play the matching game (i highly recommend it! there are lots of awesome video clips from some of my favorite leaders :) just visit or click here!

and since i'm guessing some of you have felt these excuses can apply to your situation, i'm going to address each of them in more detail at a later date (hopefully soon!!!)

as always, if you have any questions AT ALL send them my way! i'm more than happy to help!

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