Monday, December 09, 2013

fish lake {year three!}

the weekend before halloween we were able to head down to fish lake for some much needed rest & relaxation. this is the third year that we've gone down to sam's cabin and even though so much effort goes into coordinating schedules, meals, etc...i am so glad that we've been able to make it work. i hope it's a tradition for the next 20 years!! ;)

we ate so much good food, had a corn hole tournament on the back deck (the boys had multiple late into the night...they are a bit obsessed!), stayed up way too late playing games (spot it!!) & talking, and spent time in the great outdoors (this year the weather was the nicest it's ever been). 

how grateful we are for such awesome, fun friends!!
we love you guys.

// this year two additional couples joined us but they were only able to stay for a day & we didn't get a group shot with everyone. the amount of children has definitely increased since we started coming. this year with everyone there was a total of seven!! //

and mostly because i can't believe how small avery was when we started coming, here are links to the past two years for your viewing pleasure: 

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