Monday, December 09, 2013

gingerbread houses = serious business!

i love making gingerbread houses. it's one of those things that i must do every year or it just doesn't quite feel like christmas. since alli & tony were in town for thanksgiving we made sure this was part of the agenda the day after giving thanks. 

with a table full of goodies, and gingerbread (and graham cracker) houses assembled, we were ready to get to work. since danny was sick (which was such a bummer!!), bri was at a concert, and my dad was busy with sports on tv, tony was the only adult male who joined us. i was surprised how long he lasted ;)

max however, embraced the decorating tradition (like mother, like son) and worked so hard on his little house. next year we may need to have a little lesson on hoarding all of the candy but he sure did have fun. 

and avery had a blast in a slightly different way :) we couldn't keep her sticky little fingers out of all of the candy bowls! i think out of all the candy she touched, only three pieces actually stuck to her house at the end of it all.

// don't let this picture fool you :) //

after spending a good chunk of time on our masterpieces, we called it quits. here's what we came up with this year:

// alli & tony went with a dr. seuss theme + max took the "cover-every-inch" approach :) //

// mom decorated the cute little christmas tree + i was pretty proud of my creation! //

even though it was wayy past the kids bedtime, i let them stay up for a special occasion after finishing our gingerbread houses: elf!! max stayed up for the entire movie :)

what a great way to kick off the christmas season!! thanks mom for putting it all together and making sure it happened!

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