Thursday, January 09, 2014

thanksgiving break

well, it's january ninth so i guess it's time to finish up my posts from thanksgiving!!!!!! (how in the world does this happen?!) i have about ten posts in my draft folder, so it may be awhile before i get to christmas ;) 

our thanksgiving break was great & aside from the delicious thanksgiving feast, and gingerbread houses, we were able to spend a lot of time relaxing with my family (danny was sick for the majority of the break, so it was nice to have family around to help out with the kiddos).

a few other highlights:

+ avery washing dishes with grandma shaunna (and making a giant mess!!)

+ the boys playing a last minute game on the green before alli & tony flew home

+ saying goodbye to aunt alli (who they both love so much!)

+ and when we finally returned home to nephi, we put up christmas lights!! for the first time ever! it was quite the ordeal, but danny was a trooper and the kids loved the lights (so did i!) definitely worth the extra effort.

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