Thursday, January 16, 2014

day date in slc

since danny is such a great student (he really has improved significantly since starting his masters!) he sent us away for the day so he could get cracking on his final paper. instead of being grumpy about it, we made the most of our day and had such a wonderful little outing.

our first stop: visit natasha at primary children's. we were hoping to see isaac too (who has had a crazy fight with pneumonia!), but at the time he was in a room where children weren't allowed :( max was pretty bummed but we had a great time visiting with natasha in the cafeteria and the kids even got pink pudding with whipped cream on top (of which they only ate the cream...) natasha saved isaac's present so that he could open it, and we were so happy to see him with it later via pictures. we sure do love the dansies!!

next stop: temple square!! it was such a beautiful day (for the middle of december) and we miraculously found a spot to park only a couple blocks away. we bundled up and then we all set out (without any type of stroller!!! i kept a prayer in my heart that the kids would be ok to walk the whole time!) for our "big adventure" (as max said). 

they were such good kids and i think this day was one of my favorite memories from the christmas season. we sure missed our daddy but we definitely made the most of it!!

they were so excited to see baby jesus!

and the temple!

ave really perfected her cheesy smile during this trip. the deseret book downtown had a really fun display to launch your own parachute with free peppermint sticks at the end. the kids were in heaven.

in front of the tree in the joseph smith memorial building. they even got to see santa! though they didn't want to talk to him.

they were also super intrigued by the water fountains & pools everywhere with money in them! they each got two pennies to throw in. ave instantly chucked hers...max saved them in his pocket. typical :)

and we ended the day with dinner at blue lemon! some of my favorite food, enjoyed with two of my all-time favorite little people.

we stopped in provo to pick up our daddy and visit my family. max couldn't contain his excitement when uncle bri drew batman for him!! and the kids started helping me get stamps on the christmas cards.


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