Friday, January 10, 2014

the darndest things // part five


Every once in a while I'll catch Max being particularly polite. It's so great! For example:
"Mom do you happen to know where my yo ho toys are?"
"Ave, could I possibly have that lego piece?"

(This little guy loves Legos. I can't blame him though! They are pretty sweet.)

Mom: "Please stop yelling Max!"
Max: "No! I'm yelling at Ave!"

(These were taken quite a while ago at Tim & Kristina's house...Uncle Tim is teaching him young ;)

Max: "Go-ab Juab!"

(I love the way Max colors. He takes advantage of so many!)

After one of Ave's silly voice videos, Max said: "That's so weird!"

While visiting Danny at work, Max knocked off a liahona replica of Cody's made out of styrofoam. He must have sensed my worry because he quickly said, "It's fine Mom. It's only sty-la-phone."

(He's being the Statue of Liberty here, in case you couldn't tell :)

Max: "Ave, those are your jack hammer toes!"


(Some of Max's many, many drawings. That boy loves to draw! However, he's a slight perfectionist and if he doesn't think he can draw it good enough, he won't. So...the plane and the motorcycle type thing were drawn by yours truly! My personal fav: his adorable octopus!)

Max climbed into the pack-n-play when Grandma was tucking Ave into bed. She told him he needed to stay in the corner so as not to get in Ave's space. She still wasn't having it but Max said, "Ave! I'm Max! You love me, remember?"


Singing Noah was a prophet over and over (20 times) and finally he said, "Oh! I need to listen at church!" He thought Grandma was sleeping :)

Max: "Did you hear those creepy noises? They came from inside my tummy!"

(He borrowed this "armor of God" outfit from Grandma Nell and he loves it!!)

Max woke up in a great mood and when it was time to leave for preschool he wanted to wake Ave up. He did (so nicely!) and said, "You're a champion Ave!!" #meltmyheart

Max spilled a cup of water at dinner and he amazingly & happily went to get a towel to clean it up without being asked. As he was walking into the kitchen he said, "I just did not see that coming!"

Avery Maevery:

Driving home late one night Max said, "When we get home I want oils on." I asked him what kind he wanted and Ave chimed in, "Max do you want yavender?" 

Ave said, "Max, dance with me you little alligator!"

I told Ave we needed to pick up Daddy from work because he was feeling really sick. She said, "Really sick like Grandpa Frank?" Such a sweetie, that Ave is.

Ave climbed through the window since we were locked out. She did NOT want to run to the front door to unlock it all by herself but finally did when she realized Penny could "help her be brave!" (She loves her Penny doll more than I ever thought possible!! Let's hope nothing ever happens to Penny Penn.)

Ave situated her corn pack under her head to go to sleep and grandma was reading "Go Dog Go" to her when they saw a dog lying in a hammock. Grandma said, "Look Ave! That dog is lying on a pillow just like you!" Ave responded very matter-of-factly: "No, I'm lying on a corn pack."

"Dad! Guess what I got for you? Purple cabbage! And guess what else I got you? Chocolate ice!"

The "Twins":

"Go away old puddy!"

Sure do love these crazy kids of ours. Can't wait to add to the craziness in two short months!!!


  1. Your children are so incredibly beautiful. And I'm laughing so hard at the cute and clever things they say!! You are such a wonderful mommy!

  2. Love the shoveling pictures. I can see Milo doing that soon, especially since he loves to vacuum already. Were they shoveling the grass in one of those pictures? Ha ha - funny kids!

    1. P.S. Always love the pictures of Max in our backyard - that is still such a hilarious sight!