Thursday, January 16, 2014

let it snow!!

christmas vacation isn't complete without a sledding session. am i right?! 

i could actually do without it, and this year i got to use pregnancy as an excuse not to fly down the hill...but my goodness the kids had a blast!!! i thought they would last twenty minutes (tops!) but the frigid weather didn't stop them one bit. they couldn't get enough! it was pretty hilarious to watch. ave and max even took some runs all by themselves...and max hit a few jumps (and got hit!) and didn't shed a tear. i was the baby and ended up leaving about twenty minutes before them but my frozen feet wouldn't have lasted much longer. 

danny's such a trooper! that hill was not the smallest hill ever and he made the trek up more than once...with kids in tow!

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  1. Love your Blog Jessie, You are a great writer and Its so much fun. It looks like you guys had a Great Christmas. Can I make one Suggestion. I totally support you guys telling your kids about Santa, but could you also always make sure they know not to tell other kids who do believe:) Your awesome. I hope your pregnancy is going great :) Cant wait to see your little one when it makes its appearance!