Thursday, January 16, 2014

christmas day 2013

we spent christmas day (and the days following) with danny's family and as usual, it was a blast! we switched things up a little this year and did a "favorite things" exchange. each present could technically be stolen twice & then it was safe with the recipient. for the most part, things stayed civil, but there were a few especially fun moments :) we gave a whirley pop (the best popcorn maker ever. hands down.) and spot it! (such a fun game!!) and we received some delicious chips & salsa, a chick-fil-a calendar complete with coupons for a free item every month (score!) and a pizza slicer. 

after that, it was christmas morning all over again! presents, people, and wrapping paper was everywhere!!! but what a fun time. christmas is the best! :)

milo is getting so big!!

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