Thursday, January 16, 2014

the magic of christmas!

thanks to angelic kids who slept in, and an episode of "frosty the snowman" we were rested enough to start off our christmas morning on the right foot. we ate breakfast in bed, read the christmas story from the bible, and then did the traditional choo-choo train out to the living room to see what mom & dad brought. (we are probably horrible parents, but danny told the kids almost every day in december that santa claus isn't real. i'm a little worried they'll hold grudges the rest of their lives, but for now i'm fine with it. why should santa get all of the credit anyways?! :)

ave loves super why!

don't mind the straight-out-of-bed look...i am so excited about this book!!

one of ave's favorite gifts: princess dress-ups!!!! finally :)

max requested a "batman puzzle" and though i didn't think i would ever find one...i did!! he was one happy camper.

she also loved the mini-folk dollhouse (good thing! since i slaved away on it! haha)

the after-math!!

princess dress number 2...which she stayed in the rest of the day! gotta love little girls.

after opening presents and cleaning up the disaster, we packed our bags and headed north for the week to spend with family & friends. more posts coming soon!

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