Thursday, January 16, 2014

christmas eve 2013

ever since danny & i got married we have done christmas morning on our own. but with family close by, we usually join one of them for christmas eve & the other family for christmas day. this year we spent christmas eve with my family, and though it ended up being an incredibly late, late night (for danny & i) it was magical for the kids.

they were so excited to finally be able to open some presents! avery received her very first lego set (which she loves!!) and they both got new stories from grandma & grandpa. they also got a 24 pack of play-doh (yay!!) and some very fun play-doh accessories. i'm pretty sure they've played with play-doh everyday since christmas.

they also got some new jammies, and though they weren't christmasy at all, they loved them. jake and the neverland pirates for max, and jessie the cowgirl nightgown for ave. 

and then, just like that, we were home with the kids tucked in bed and the presents were wrapped under the tree. 

(oh wasn't "just like that" because we had sooo much wrapping to do when we got home, but these pictures make it look like we were ultra-prepared and not terribly sleep-deprived zombies! :) good thing the kids slept in the following morning because my goodness it was late!

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