Thursday, January 16, 2014

seven peaks ice arena

over the break we were feeling extra adventurous & ambitious so we went ice skating!! i was planning on skating...up until we mentioned the plan to my dad, and he pointed out that pregnant ladies should definitely not ice skate. right. :)

so aunt cami came along to help out with our crazy little duo and i happily observed from the sides. actually, i really wanted to be out there skating but it was insanely busy that day so it's probably wise that i didn't attempt it.

avery looked absolutely adorable in her tiny little skates and max (who dreams of playing hockey one day...though i have no clue where that originated from!) was extremely antsy to get out on the ice. i don't think it was quite what he expected but overall the kids did pretty well. and danny survived to tell the tale! ;)

love these three!! oh, and those ice walkers saved us!!

this girl sure loves her daddy! #bestillmyheart

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