Saturday, February 22, 2014

calligraphy 101

I'm learning a new skill! And I absolutely love it. I've always been interested in calligraphy (I took a class back in the 7th grade with my best friend, Jenny Pate!) but let's just say that both my skills + calligraphy in general have come a looong way!

I enrolled in Molly Thorpe's class via Skillshare back in October and while I haven't been able to put as much time + effort into it as I would have liked, I was able to address each and every one of our Christmas cards (which was a huge accomplishment; one that I wasn't sure I would succeed at!)

I try to pull out my supplies at least once a week while the kids have their own "art time." Maybe one day I'll be able to address someones invites for a wedding. #mydream

// lots + lots + lots of practice. and smudges. //

// Danny got me a calligraphy book for Christmas, which I love. Who knew there were so many ways to write an "a"?? //

// more practice //

// aaaand more practice //

// Max's drawings never fail to put a smile on my face! //

// This was one of my favorites. The "m" turned out just the way I wanted it to! //

And because this seems like the most logical place to put it (since it's now February 22 and Christmas has long since passed!) here is our Christmas card from 2013. Definitely our favorite so far!!

// the front //

// the back //

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