Saturday, February 22, 2014

preschool // round two

I'm not going to lie, when I realized my turn to host preschool was quickly approaching, my house + my attitude looked a lot like this: 

I thought of all of the "good" excuses why I couldn't possibly teach (I'm huge + pregnant! I've got no energy! I feel like I've got a constant cold! Etc...) but I tried my hardest to change my attitude (I only have to teach 8 times total during the entire school year...that's not very many!) and it ended up being a really good experience. We even got to host on Valentines Day! So we were able to have a fun party, complete with pink sprinkled donuts.

Our first day we did "V is for Vegetables" (gotta sneak in some healthy eating somehow ;) and surprisingly (or not) they gobbled these right up for snack time:

// V was also for "Volcano!" They were really excited about this science experiment. //

On Valentines day we played Bingo, decorated Valentine bags, and learned a darling Valentine song which they later performed for all of their moms during our little party (wish I would have caught it on video!) The night before, Max worked so incredibly hard on these Valentines for each of his friends. They say, "I wheelie like you! Happy Valentines Day!" Max wrote each of their names, as well as his own, and colored a personalized border around each one. 

// This was the first day, in a reallllllly long time, that our entire preschool class was all together! We were so happy to have Isaac join us again (after a really, really rough go with pneumonia!) //

And our last week, we jumped back a letter, and focused on the letter "U" We talked all about the United States, Utah, Umbrellas, and Unicorns :) A little disconnected, but it works, right?!

As much as it may or may not stress me out, I'm so glad that I am able to teach my kids as well as so many other incredible kids. 

I am one lucky mama.

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  1. Thanks for welcoming Isaac back and doing such a great job with all of the kids. Now it's already done and on to baby! yay!