Wednesday, March 05, 2014

the miracle of motherhood

It is kind of blowing my mind that we are going to have another BABY any day. My "official" due date is March 13th and although I'm totally fine to wait until then (or even after! How fun would it be to have a St. Patty's Day baby?!) I'm trying to prep myself for it to happen at any moment. Avery came eight days early, and Max was we shall see.

I can't really think about anything besides this baby (and a non-medicated birth!!) so here is a little walk down memory lane of the last nine months:

// august 12, 2013 //
(Hello blonde hair!!!)
We were relieved when I finally threw up for the first time! Since I never threw up with my previous pregnancy (when I miscarried) we were really worried that another miscarriage was going to take place.  Never have I been so happy about throwing up :)

// september 9, 2013 //

// september 11, 2013 //

// september 12, 2013 //
Whew! Three "selfies" in a row! I went through a short (three day) kick where I took pictures almost daily for the app CineMama. I had good intentions of taking them all throughout my pregnancy...that didn't last long!

// october 16, 2013 //
The little babe seemed to pop over night! Being pregnant is the best! :)

// october 31, 2013 //

// december 6, 2013 //

// december 12, 2013 //

// january 3, 2014 //

// january 30, 2014 //

// february 24, 2014 //
Almost there!!!

// march 2, 2014 //

My sister-in-law, Missy & I are two weeks apart exactly! (She is due March 27th!) They are having a little boy so everyone is very anxious to find out what we are going to be blessed with.

I am continually amazed at the miracle of motherhood and am so, so excited to welcome this baby into our family. Life has been a little crazy lately (Max is extreeeeemely clingy and Avery has discovered how to throw a legit tantrum!) but I have a feeling this little babe will help us all reset and re-evaluate our priorities (let's hope so anyways!)

In the meantime, send positive thoughts my way!!! I'm really, really hoping to deliver this baby without an epidural and though I've read & prepared a bunch...I'm still feeling slightly nervous :)

Stay tuned!!!

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