Monday, April 21, 2014

home at last!

Graham turned six weeks old over the weekend!!!
Six weeks!
I just can't quite believe it.
However, when I look back at these pictures, they seem like forever ago!
It's been a crazy six weeks, but we wouldn't change it for the world. Graham is such a sweet boy and we are all obsessed.


When we arrived home we were excitedly greeted by Max and Avery & Danny's parents. It was hard for them to understand why I couldn't pick them up, but they've got it down now. While Danny carried all three kids in, I hobbled inside (I'm still not totally recovered, but my how far I've come!!)

I think since I wasn't prepared for a c-section at all (it was the furthest thing from my mind!) it made recovery that much harder. I'm just barely getting to the point where my incision (and the surrounding area) doesn't hurt like crazy & I'm starting to feel a little less numb. Hallelujah!

// Max LOVES Graham. They have a very special brother bond going on. And I love it! //

// Avery is also a very big fan! We've realized that since bringing Graham home, Penny (her absolute favorite doll) has been put on the back-burner a bit :) //


// Max & Avery are such great helpers! They are (almost) always willing to grab a diaper, the wipes, a binky, etc... for me when I need it. //

// Our first family walk together! //

// According to Danny, having three kids has just about done him in :) I suppose these pictures sum up our energy level the last few weeks... //

// Danny was able to take a week off of work (Thank goodness!!! We were so happy to have him home with us!) and he was able to accompany Graham & I to a doctor's appointment. That doesn't happen every day! //

// I caught the kids being quiet! Without getting into any trouble! It was nothing short of a miracle :) //

// I love this picture with Avery's chubby hands taking a picture of Graham on the iPod //

// My sweet Mom & sister Cami stayed with us for a few days once Danny went back to work. They were here for St. Patrick's day, and brought the party with them! The kids loved it! //

// There are at least 50 other pictures almost identical to this one :) //

// Max loves snuggles with Graham! //

We are incredibly grateful to all those who stayed with us, brought meals, and sent encouraging texts & calls during these first few weeks. We appreciated them all!!

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  1. Loved this post!! FYI, my incision felt off and on numb for a year after Ellie was born. Rough. I kept calling my dr office complaining about it and they kept saying to expect mild pain and numbing for A year. A year!!! Thankfully, i don't feel anything at all, but my incision sight is slightly numb just because of the nerve damage, graham is SOOOO CUUUTEEEEE!!!!