Tuesday, April 22, 2014

graham makes five!

Because our lives revolve around Graham lately (which I'm totally ok with!), the last few weeks have been a slight blur. Because the weeks are all mushing together, this post will be a mish-mash of random moments caught on camera:

1. Avery accompanied Graham & I to his 2 week check-up. He passed with flying colors and although he's too young to tell me, I think he loved having his big sis there :)


2. The kids LOVE to hold Graham (and immediately hand him back to me the second he starts crying). It's adorable. I sure love my three kids!! (That is still really crazy to say!)

(Or, instead of handing him back to me...they try to shove his binky in his mouth...and make it worse! Haha)

3. One of the biggest challenges I've faced the last few weeks is figuring out how to contain the other two while Graham nurses. They are quite the pair & have found themselves in lots of mischief while I've been busy. Tearing apart their room (or whatever room they are in) is usually what happens...on this particular day they changed into their swimsuits & got in the tub! All by themselves :)

4. We celebrated April Fools Day by making the traditional "worms & dirt!" The kids loved the worms...and that's about it. But hey! At least we did something festive among the chaos :)

5. Some of our favorite people came down to visit all the way from Boise! Danny's Grandma came down with Danny's parents & Aunt Cindy and Uncle Neil. They fought over who got to hold Graham the most, and Aunt Cindy won over the hearts of Max and Avery by making them very elaborate paper crowns & Batman capes :) We will take visits from them anytime!

6. Oh Graham. We love you so much. You are so cute & tiny (as Avery squeals to you multiple times a day :) and we can't help but smother you in kisses. 

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