Wednesday, May 07, 2014

twenty six years young!

April is a busy month for us, and with the addition of sweet baby Graham, it became that much more jam-packed. However, we still managed to celebrate & spent a lot of time together...but wow! It was exhausting.

First up: I turned 26! The kids were so excited to see this "decoration" on the table in the morning :) 

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, which meant that Danny spent the evening at his BYU night class (woot woot!!) but my parents were more than happy to throw a party for me :) It was pretty low-key and half of us were asleep almost the entire time:

My mom knows I'm always up for trying out new recipes so the night was full of them! Thanks to Angela Liddon's new cookbook we had a delicious spread of yummy food.

My birthday cake was delicious & the frosting was my favorite part! The main ingredient? Avocados!! Genius.

When Danny got done with class, we played multiple games of hide & seek (Avery is exceptionally good at it :), had cake, and then headed home. Thanks Mom for making my birthday extra special!  Here's to another wonderful year; let's make 26 the best year yet!

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