Friday, May 16, 2014

graham's blessing

Our sweet little guy, Graham Collins McKinley, was given a name and a blessing on May 4, 2014. Words can't describe how much we love him. He is such a good baby & we are so glad that he's here! Danny gave him a wonderful blessing, and after sacrament meeting, we had some of our family members join us for a waffle bar. It was delicious!! I got the special Belgian waffle recipe from my friend Kim & even ordered the pearl sugar on Amazon. We had toppings galore & it definitely hit the spot.

// My favorite picture of the day!! Is he not the cutest?!? //

// Max is way into Ninja Turtles lately. Luckily, Grandpa is too ;) //

// The men were exhausted after such a big day. //

// Graham's latest trick: holding his binky while he sleeps. Can't let it go too far! //

 Thanks again to everyone who came. We love you all!

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