Thursday, May 15, 2014

remember this photography: graham's newborns

Krista is probably getting sick of taking pictures of us, but hopefully not, because she is amazing!!! Zach & Krista came down two weeks after Graham was born & brought dinner and took pictures. What a combo. (We love you guys!!) If you are in the area and need pictures taken, Krista is your girl!

She had so many tips & tricks up her sleeve for photographing newborns & Graham cooperated so well. I absolutely love these pictures, and know that we will cherish them for a long, long time. Thanks again Krista.

Doesn't he look so angelic?!?
My goodness we love this little guy.

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  1. You are sweet :) I am glad you like them! Surprised they looks so peaceful with all that was going on around us!! We love you guys.