Wednesday, January 11, 2012

leaps and bounds

it has been refreshing this last week to see all of the progress that we have made on our kitchen!!
these projects have taken us such a long time that sometimes it's easy to forget just how far we've come.

since i don't have the best camera in the world, 
i couldn't capture the entire room all together...but i did the best i could :)
(just imagine you are standing in the center of the room and turning counter-clockwise!)

the finishing touches included: 
this chevron rug from urban outfitters
 (i'm pretty sure the price has gone up since i bought ours...but it's still a screamin' deal!)
and BLINDS!!!! from danny's parents.  thank you, thank you.

i love the way it has turned out.  
i think it's safe to say the kitchen is now my favorite room in the house...
so now i can start cooking again! :)

we've gone without blinds for the last few months!!
with a window this big in the kitchen...let's just say it's good to have our privacy back! haha.

the fridge got moved to this corner due to it's humongous size.
it barely fit where our previous fridge was next to the stove, 
but the right door would hit the wall and close on you...not cool.  
we did a lot of rearranging, and decided we liked it best here.  
would you agree?

also, notice the bead board on the bottom half of the wall??
we added that too.

we had to cut our computer table down  
(it used to be running along the length of the kitchen window...)
but i think it's the perfect size.  now, a considerably smaller amount of clutter can gather there!

the last thing i want to do is add a gallery wall above the stove/computer station.

similar to kirsten krason's:

so...what do you think???

p.s. sorry this is just getting posted!  it's been a crazy day!


  1. LOVE IT!! I love the colors, and everything just looks SO great.

    Good job you two little lovebirds!

  2. IT IS PERFECT! Love the rug...thinking about it for Brinley's room!

  3. It's hard to believe that's the same room you started with! You guys have done so much work and it's definitely paid off. My favorite parts are the rug and the bead board. Oh, and I like the new spot for the fridge - it seems to flow nicely. It's funny that you had to cut the table down - how does it stand up now? I love the idea for the pictures above the desk and stove - I think that'll make the room complete.

  4. I'm so amazed at what you and Danny have done. You are both so creative and capable of taking on any project you set your minds to! I love it. I also love your zigzag rug -- I have been looking for one like it for awhile and considered just making one, but haven't gotten to it yet, so you have inspired me. :)

    Thanks again for driving all the way up this week -- it is always a treat to see you. Speaking of which -- see ya Friday at 2! Can't wait!

  5. ok, i seriously love this finished product!! you guys did such a great job!! =)

  6. looking absolutely fantastic. nicely done; what great style you have and such hard work!! congrats and enjoy cooking in such a darling space. thanks for coming to my blog and saying hello!!