Thursday, August 29, 2013

official family pictures

you may remember wayy back in june when i posted some outtakes from our family photo session.
i'm finally getting around to posting the pictures that our photographer took!! (two months later!)

she did an amazing job and i love how they turned out! family pictures sure are a lot of work, but looking back, i have (mostly) only happy memories :)




  1. Great shots! My favs are the ones with avery crying (ha!) and the one of Debbie and Frank is darling.

  2. You chose some great ones to post. There were so many I had a hard time picking my favorites.

  3. Avery crying is priceless! Love it!

    You will be awesome at your new calling, no one more qualified for that!

  4. I am very much in love with this post and I only know a few of the people. Very cool shots