Tuesday, October 15, 2013

holy moly.

i just finished up posting close to a million posts.


check it:

// all about our gardening experience this year //

// couples area convention for seminary //

// an old post from the summer //

// danny fixed our plumbing! he's awesome //

// we heart this place. a lot. //

// nephi has it's perks! free corn is one of them //

// need a fun rainy day activity?? this is it! //

// join us next year at the drive-in //

// the juab wasps & byu cougars are where it's at //

// the kids love it when papa frank & grandma debbie come to visit //

// our son is FOUR!!! //

// preschool started & we went to the 100 acre woods //

// we had preschool at our house! and learned all about the letter "c" //

// we survived preschool at our house! and learned all about the letter "d" //

// i love conference! recap here //

// a little about our housing dilemma...and crazy things we've done lately //

17. bear hunt
// we went up the canyon as a family and hunted "bears" //

// cheering on uncle aaron while playing soccer is one of max's favorite things to do //


and now i can take another month long break from blogging ;)

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  1. I loved reading these and catching up on your fun activities!!